What could be better than a scarf this time of year? And not just ANY scarf but one with POCKETS AND A HOOD!!! These puppies are going fast....

#1 Braided Hood Scarf - Available in Black (has pockets and tassels like one below)

#2 Hooded Scarf - Available in Brown



Below you will find only SOME of our new inventory. These hats are incredibly cute and only $22. With a few parties already this week, they are going fast! (The color of the hat in the pictures are the only colors they come in).

#1 Plaid Leather Belt Cabbie

#2 Side Open Bucket Hat - Available in Tan

#3 Houndstooth Belt Cabbie -


Past Hats

As you scroll through our blog you will notice A LOT of items are Sold Out. Here are pictures of hats we carried last year that are not sold out. You can look through the whole site if you would like, but for those of you who don't want to....thought this might make it a little easier!

#1 Plaid#2 Fur Hat - Black Only

#3 Star Cabbie - Available in Red and Black

#4 Military Stripe - Black only (has faint red stripes through it)

#5 Houndstooth - Brown Only
#6 Diamond Cabbie - Available in Pink and Blue

#7 Rain Slicker - Available in Brown, Black and Silver

#8 Baseball Cap with Print - Available in Blue, Pink and White (has velcro closure on back)


The Wait is OVER!!!!

Swanki Hats now carries children's head-wear. And not just for girlies, we have great styles for boys too! (We are waiting on a few more styles for boys to arrive, they should be here mid November)

Skull Beanie - Available in Black and Pink (1-4 years) - SOLD OUT
Elephant Stripes - 0-12 months or 2-4 years - Sold Out
Knit with Brim - Available in White and Pink (0-12 months) - SOLD OUT

Knit Pom Pom with Brim - Available in Green and Brown (5-7 years) SOLD OUT

Skull Stripes - Available in Blue stripes or Black stripes (5-15 years) - Sold Out
Striped Pom-Pom Beret - 1-2 years
Diamond Fidel - 2-5 years

3 Button Cap - 2-4 years - Sold Out

Ambulance Stripes - 0-12 months or 2-4 years - SOLD OUT

Driver Hat - Available in Blue, Brown (2-4 years) - SOLD OUT


New Products -

The last two months have been SUPER exciting here at Swanki and it is about to get even better! We have A LOT of new styles coming in the next few weeks, including....drum-roll please.......little girl AND little boy styles! YAY!!!!! Check back in a few weeks to view images.

We are partying like CRAZY with close to 20 parties in October and November. Go ahead, jump on the band wagon, we can't get enough! If you want to know what is coming up in your area send us an email.

Head Wraps-

These head wraps are PERFECT for winter. If you are in the sharing mood...your little girls can wear these too and they are adorable!!! (Please email to find out if we have the color in stock you want. These go WAY too fast to even try to keep up with them).

#1 Thin Crochet Wrap -

#2 Vine Crochet Wrap- SOLD OUT

#3 Thick Crochet Wrap -


Beanies have arrived for winter and we are SO excited!!! Check out the styles below, these will go VERY fast (as they always do) so if you see the ones you want, ya better hurry!

Two Button Wood Beanie - Currently Sold Out (we do hope to have these again soon)

Brimmed Beanie - Available in Blue, Beige, Mustard, Black, Grey, White - SOLD OUT

Flower Beanie - Available in Purple, Mustard, Black

Hobo Beanie - Available in Blue, Tan, White

Sequence Flower Hat - (Hard to tell from image but this hat has a knit flower on it with sequence sewn into the flower). Available in Black, White
Fabric Button Beanie - Available in Black, Grey


New Inventory

As always, we like to give you more to want!!! Here are our latest styles.......

Military Flower Stripe

Two Button Cap - Available in Tan, Black
Crochet Headband
Plaid Loop Military Hat - SOLD OUT

Side Freyed Hat - SOLD OUT

Gathered Eyelet - Available in White, Tan, Purple, Black