#1 - Available in Blue and Pink

#2 Sold Out

#3 Sold Out
#4 Sold Out
#5 - Available in OLIVE, TAN, BLUE

#7 Available in BLACK
#8 Sold Out
#9 Sold Out

#12 - Sold Out
#13 - Available in PINK
#16 - Available in Grey, Black, Brown
#17 - Available in BROWN
#18 - Available in TAN, BROWN

Swirl - available in Silver and Burgandy

Pinstripe Military - available in BLACK - has faint red stripes

#24 - Available in BLUE, BLACK, PINK

#25 - Sold Out
#20 - Available in YELLOW
Light Knit- Sold Out
#21 - Sold Out
#22 Hounds tooth- Sold Out
#27 Silk Headbands- Sold Out
#26 Leather Headbands- Sold Out
#28 Feather Headbands- Sold Out


  1. oh crap, they are all so cute, now I am going to HAVE to come to your open house on the 15th!
    Thanks! and good luck!


  2. Cute! I am sad I missed the party before Christmas but it looks like you have more coming up! Thanks for the email invite to the blog. I'm adding you to my blog!

  3. LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! Pick me, Pick me!!!!!
    Amy Turner

  4. I love all of them! I just want them all! By the way I'm Mackenzie Turner I'm Amy Turner's daughter. Hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i came over from secondsister blog~love the woven military style! adorable

  6. Wow! These are all so adorable! I love the cabled one & the one that secondsister is featuring on her blog! Good luck with your venture! xo

  7. Jenny,

    First, nice work on the hats, but I don't think they'll work for me.

    Second, is Dustin still in school? If not, he needs to come by and get that water purifier:)


  8. cute hats!!! I love the brown swirl, is it available? if not, the silver is my second choice. let me know how to get one!

  9. Those are so cute! Are they available to buy online? Also what are the prices for them?

  10. How can you buy online? CALAUREN09@AOL.COM Thanks

  11. So I am a hat lover...I am totally freaking out over your cute hats. So I do I go about winning one or buying one? They are so dang addorable!

  12. VERY CUTE! I would love to see some prices and I'm interested in giveaways! I love these hats! :)

  13. I would love to do a giveaway on my blog- for one of your FABULOUS HATS (like this one:Swirl - available in Silver and Burgandy). Let me know sweetie- Love your blog.

    ~ Kelly~
    Website: www.KellyAnnStudio.com
    Blog: http://KellyAnnStudio.blogspot.com