It is SO exciting that SPRING is finally here! I found a lady bug in my room the other day, I don't know how it got there but I loved it! With spring, of course, comes new inventory. Take a look at these great hats and headbands below, seriously, I can't get enough of these!

If you see something below you just HAVE TO HAVE, come to a party and check it out, these are all available in multiple colors. We will no longer be taking any online orders (unless you are using your GTU certificate). We are currently having parties all up and down the Wasatch Front, in Vernal and many other areas. If there is not a location you want, then why not throw your own party and earn FREE hats!

Please continue to check back at our blog for updated hats and for a date on our first YEAR END CLEARANCE SALE!!!!

#1 Available in Black,Olive

#2 Available in Grey, Black, Beige

#3 Available in Olive, Black, Brown

#4 Available in Brown, Black, Olive, Beige

#5 Available in Pink, Black, White
#6 Out of Stock

#7 Available in Fuschia, Black, Grey, White (Hat is Reversible)

#8 Available in Green

#9 Available in Beige

#10 Available in Pink, Black


  1. do you guys have any red hats for spring? I am in NEED of a cute red hat?? let me know thanks!

  2. Man I am so sad!! I just found this site and you don't do online orders! :( I'm in southwest wyoming..don't know if you'd do a party here or not! contact me if you want! There are some seriously cute hats here that I want! :) Misty


  3. Will you be getting any more hats?? I still have credit and i'm not in love with any of the new ones? please email me and let me know lindseyhackford@yahoo.com